Voyage of the Argo

We’re off.

Well, not entirely, for first we stopped at Mikki’s Cafe where the Captain indulges in breakfasts.  I am in favor of these stops because I get the meat!

I get the ham steak of the breakfast which includes a nice round bone.  Yummm.  He enjoys his portion – I know this for he often wears his breakfast on his shirt front.

I think this makes him handsome.  He’s always dabbing himself with cold water.

Now, we’re off!  We ply the high seas of route 215 north to Palm Springs with its large stick men waving their arms in the gusts of wind that bedevil this place.

We try for a short cut through the desert seas but it is closed so we must retrace our course for another crossing to I40.  Ugly seas, no zephyrs of sweet smells but gusts of dry winds.

We reach Kingman in short order and berth at familiar lodgings. The next morning we find Annie,s berth and help her aboard.  She is sweet; kisses me.  I deserve this kind of attention.

The day is hot and the Captain engages the air conditioning.  Thank you very much.  Dogs get hot.  We retrace our steps and find ourselves dodging the “blue darters” of the desert seas, the small nearly keel-less craft dodging in and out of the sea lanes.  They are foolish and careless. The Captain swears and I nap.

All in all it was a fine trip getting back to our home berth where Annie was welcomed by the port mistress, Donna.  I am welcomed as a heroine.  And why not?

May 27, 1016

First Mate

Tasha II.