My Captain, My Captain

First Mate’s Log, June 11, 2016


As the First Mate of the good ship Argo

One of my many duties is the health

And welfare of my Captain.

As a human he has little ability

To live in the now.

Not so with me.

As a dog living in the now is all.

I see him time and again looking at


He studies his hands at length,

Me, I lick my paws but do not seek

Answers there.

Is he looking for something in them?

Do they hold a key?


I think he is lost

Somewhere inside.

At times he seems but a shell to me

Hiding a wandering only he knows.

If he is troubled perhaps, like me,

He should take up licking.

I know some interesting places


Providing some very decent solace.

Worrisome he.


Submitted June 11, 2016 by Tasha II