Ben’s insightful and introspective words can only come from a candid and open heart and a brazen fearlessness of soul-baring.
~ Margie Wilson, Grand Valle


With his heart on his sleeve and a twinkle in his eye, Ben Holden writes with feeling and wit in poetry and prose about love, longing, loneliness, and laughter. You cannot read this wonderful book without becoming in some indefinable yet tangible way a better person.
~ Dan Wick, author, Jesus, the God Within

I read Ben’s essays as his grief unfolded. I felt his pain, deep anguish, guilt, and his love for his wife. As I read, I could feel my own times of pain reflected in his words. I felt him working through his pain, and he ultimately found that life did hold promise in the midst of death. He gave me my own personal ray of hope as he found his.
~ Susan Capps, Founder Beacon Newspaper