Prepare yourself for a mind-exploding epiphany in your own life when you open the pages of this book.

On the death of his beloved wife of 36 years, this Renaissance man found himself adrift in a sea of confusion. Humorous, poignant and palsied, his exploration of a life in transition will bring you to laughter and tears.

You’ll recognize the common ground we all share as we find ourselves at a crossroads in life.

You will finish this book with gratitude for its existence, renewed faith in your own path, and filled with the joy of living.



Another installment from the now-traveling Literary Landfill guy. Holden explores his devotion to women (as a group, and individuals as well), and other musings as they occur to him.

Discover more inside this discerning mind with a comic yet incisive viewpoint.

This book also features his expeditions with Tasha, the Shih Tsu, in a series of soul-searching trips around the west. The characters he meets, and the vistas he shares, will have you laughing and crying, perhaps at the same time.



Ben's third book is in the works and will be published in 2018.