Further Adventures of the Argo

This is First Mate, Tasha II reporting that the Argo will be setting sail – with the tide I suppose – early Thursday the 26th of May.

The Captain will be making certain we have the stores necessary to get us to the windy (and very sandy) port of Kingman, Az.

where we will be picking up a very important passenger, Annie, would be her name.  She is a close friend of our Harbor Master

who misses her very much. The plan is to bring her back here to our home port Friday and then return her to Kingman on the 3rd of June.

We do not intend to stay.

The Captain assures me there will be air conditioning and treats, two things this Mate insists on for trips of any length.  I have recently

been to the groomer and am at least as adorable as ever.  Shi-Tsus insist on pruned perfection.

More to follow as we weigh anchor for inaptly named oasis of the Arizona desert, that would be Kingman.

Your Servant,

First Mate Tasha.

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