The Log of the Good Ship Argo

Lourdsburg, N.M.

The old west lives, if these roads are any example.  Yet we wallow along.  The Captain, Mr. Roly-Poly, has decided to drop anchor here because we just got to redo our packing.  Nothing is where it should be.  This is important at 5 AM when seeking the pee place in the dark.

This motel is just the respite his holiness needs.  And, Sunday night television, God forbid we miss the Good Wife or Downton Abbey.

These deserts of Southern Arizona and New Mexico are where the Rocky Mountains come to die.  Way off to the North we can see some snow capped peaks, yet here, we have a rock strewn desert with signs that warn of impending dust storms.

Tomorrow we may reach El Paso, where we will stop at their KOA and do the laundry.

Yours in cleanliness,

Tasha II

A dog of many Mates.