Ongoing Voyage of the Argo

Today we sailed valiantly into Texas, a land of high winds and cacti.

We reached Osona one of the many needy little towns along I10.  Sad, really.

Now Demming and Las Cruces of New Mexico at least had tiny, snow covered Tetons on one side of the town. Kind of dramatic even if the towns weren’t.

At noon we reached that great maw of a port called San Antonio.  The highways and were more or less after thoughts to a city that has grown like topsy.  We, like so many of our fellow vessels were swallowed whole and whirled round and round in its’ great gullet…hours were spent dodging and darting among the craft.  Then we seemed to approach the bowel of the beast and we were finally spewed out upon Hwy 35.  Hi winds every day make the captain a nervous nelly. Me? I sleep.

Well, we have cast anchor here in Temple just south of Waco.

Until the next posting.

Tasha II

First, Second and Third Mate.

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