Dry Dock

The Argo has been in repairs.  Not a bad thing.  Soon she will look like she was loved.

As the First Mate my duties are light.  I look after the Captain who requires little attention; he acts like he knows what he is doing – nothing at the moment.  We’ve visited Amy, Rhysa, Donna and Victoria; he says the boys can wait.  Although I’m eager to sniff Steve and his henchmen…..great odors.  We hope to see Gordon and Dr. Paul – do we still owe him money?  Of course there is David, the wise one of Escondido.

We are planning our next exploration in which we will follow the Colorado River through Parker and other ports busy in the winter and vacated in the summer.  We will then wander eastern Utah through Moab and on to our old stomping grounds in western Colorado, Fruita and Grand Junction.  There live many loved ones and aromas I will fondly remember.  March 25 is our target date.  What’s the big deal about calendars?

On our way back the Captain wishes to visit Indio, a place the Captain says is filled with mystery and dance.  Makes no sense to me for I’m not much of dancer and if I were it would be all for show.

Tomorrow I will get pruned and washed and ready for the next big adventure.

Your Willing Servant,

First Mate, Tasha II