Adventures in Dry Dock

People are a mystery.  If I could spell conundrum I would call them that too. Why do they so enjoy flopping about in a pool of water?  I can see drinking it, but no.  They flail about and then declare they’ve had a good time … the Captain is one of the worst.

Now that the Argo has had her gunnels painted and her keel scraped she sails much better.  Yesterday we took out for a trial spin to a distant land called Jamul where we berthed for a very short time at a place called Steve and Dianne’s. There we met a grizzled, old sailor who wanted to tell of of his many adventures. So we left.  I’m glad as the rambunctious Pugs were there. I’m so not into Pugs.  They mean well, but they just aren’t my cup of tea … one of them called himself a male … odd, that.

Before we go on our next voyage, this one to the northern climes and the Colorado sea, we shall visit many other local berths.  I will keep you posted.

Submitted with All Due Respect,

First Mate, Tasha II

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