Who Are We?

More importantly perhaps,

Who would we like to be?

That discovery begins

With a formula for success.

Let us consider

The Golden Rule.


It requires civility

It requires an understanding

Of who we are as human beings


An appreciation of our weaknesses

As well as our strengths


Ourselves and our neighbors.

It means we are all culpable.


We must build

On what we know.

Knowledge gives us power

To perform at our best.

It means we see the sciences

As a cornerstone of our future.


It means that health care

And education are a right.

Else how are we to survive

As a society?


We must acknowledge the

Value of our curiosity,

Our determination

And our thirst for discovery.


“The pursuit of happiness.”


It requires us to share

In the fruits of our bounty

As well as our sorrows.


It requires empathy,

Tough love,


And above all