We are explorers and daredevils.  We go places few have gone before.  At  least I think so.

The sea lanes were whipped up with grit and froth.  The Argo was buffeted about.  Mother Nature has no respect.  The Captain was glued to the wheel.  I was mostly napping in my mate’s quarters aft of the wheel house.  We went through the Indian oceans of the Hopi, Navajo and Apache.painted-desert-desert-5-arizona

We were rained  and snowed on.  Yet the Captain persisted – I think he was lost.  We were through the mesas and Monument Valley.  The Captain said he was looking for John Ford and the 7th Calvary.  Me, I wanted Rin Tin Tin, or maybe Lassie.

Then  on to the Painted Desert, which isn’t really  painted.  We saw the Petrified Forest.  Dead trees, really old, especially in dog’s years it gazillions. The Captain said it looked like Yellowstone Park without any water….anywhere.  An odd looking wasteland where the sands of time are endeavoring to recapture man’s by-ways.

Up we went into the forests of Show Low and the rim rocks of Globe.  We traded with fearsome Apache warriors. It was a day of dangerous sea lanes over great abysses.  Surely this was the end of the world as foretold by ancient mariners.   We traveled many canyon rims with darkness below,  fallen rocks craggedy pines.  We survived, though I think the Captain will require additional oxygen for a few days. WA66AZTeePeeTP

I reside safely in my aft cabin.  Here are my treats and my water…….but no oranges!


Yours Faithfully,

First Mate

Tasha II