The Donald

From shallow beginnings

He struts the stage

The rhetoric

That of the carnival barker.

An entourage of sycophants

And spin-meisters,

A family

From the murky depths

Of a muddy rut.

Clinging to anecdotal


Of the authors of dystopia.

Assured of their knowledge

Gained from wealth and privilege.


Here truth is as

Elusive as the memory

Of last weeks

TV show.

Who dare question

This paragon,

This man of self proclaimed



A bully and a coward

To boot.

A “frat boy” who

Never grew up.

He yet sees hazing

As a tool to build loyalty.


Reflective study,

Science are

Not to be trusted.

These tools

Of the truly knowledgeable

Too often defame

The self proclaimed.


A cavil collection this

Loyal to their creed of greed

And the dismantling of a government

Beyond their ken.