The Travels of Tasha and Her Teutonic Twit, Vol. 2

We are ever closer to the jump off date. That’s the news from Mr. Roly Poly who insists he is to be the captain of the ship. The slightly daft man insists we call our venture the Voyage of the Argo. He is to be the captain and I, of course, will be the crew.

During the coming week we will be mooring said ship at the home of Stephen and Dianne….who curry the favor of two all too curious Pugs. No noses, so they’ve got to get real close. We will be refitting the “Argo” there……making a list and checking it twice sort of thing. I will insist on plenty of water, a warm bed…and beaucoup snack treats. Nothing is too good for this crew member.

Our first destination will be Tucson, that wild, half tamed land in Arizona. Then it will be on to New Mexico and Texas, which I understand is very close to the edge of the world.

Between you and me I think the captain is quite mad, though at his age it is hard to tell the difference between the onset of “you know what” and sanity.

Yours Faithfully,

Tasha the Shih-Tzu