Poopi Loopi

In the canon of Gods

Little is known of

The great god

Poopi Loopi

His origins in lore

Are dim

Perhaps Hawaii

Was his home

Or New Hampshire

Just speculation,

Now he is about

Gaining Power

As he sews

His trademarks



Loathing of “others”


Poopi, or just plain


As some call him

Is a scamp

And thin skinned


Harboring ill will

Toward any who would

Question his god like

Power and panache


He often appears

Among the lower vertebrates

As a Man of great flash

But little depth

He knows little

Other than his

Own scampiness.

He seldom reads

Or learns

As if it would detract

From his powers

His many

Self confessed charms.


There is little doubt

Poopi Loopi

Loves himself above

All other Gods.