The earth rotates

As it spins about the sun.

Rotation creates gravity.

There will soon be

Eight billion of us

Upon this globe

Many of us clinging

To the self same spot.


Who deserves our concern?

Some, none?

What is the definition

Of deserving?

Should we endeavor to help

Curb the birth rates

So there is enough space

And food for the rest of us?


Despite the falling crime

And murder rates

Many of us see Malice

And Menace

All around.



There is fear of “the other”

Folks who are different.

Does that make them a threat?


Let us hearken back

50,000 years

When we relied

Entirely on our senses

And the lore of the tribe

For our knowledge.

Nature simply was

What we perceived

That day.

Any day.


Knowledge is a terrible


A responsibility;

It must be borne

If we are to survive.